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October 29th, 2013



RELEASE DATE: 21/10/2013
TRACKLIST: 1. Eelke Kleijn – Rampestamper (Original Mix)
2. Eelke Kleijn – Rampestamper (Guy J Remix)


MEDIUM: Digital Only

Celebrating the tenth release of Guy J’s Lost & Found imprint, the famed purveyor of fine enchanting grooves presents us with an EP that will surely find its way into the collections of many movers and shakers. It consists of two functional tracks strictly geared for the dance floor; Eelke Kleijn’s debut original and Guy J’s remix.

The Dutch jock graces us with a joyful ode to the uplifting spirit of his homeland’s club scene. Built around an uninterrupted vibrant synth line and snappy percussion, the track churns on throughout several formulaic yet rewarding peaks and troughs. Although there’s nothing surprising about its linear progression, it still proves to be a useful tool for DJs aiming to keep up the pace during prime time performances.

Now onto the true charmer of this release.. Guy J’s rendition. He’s managed to give the original an elegant dub overhaul designed for transforming a slow burning set into a rousing crescendo. When it comes to remixing, this gifted artist has a revered talent for of transforming the work at hand into something that’s uniquely his. What he did with Rumpestamper is no exception. The only noticeable remnants of the original are the shimmering pads that are skillfully morphed into dispersed melodic snippets that dance around the lower frequencies. The bass line itself steadily pulsates to bring together a backdrop of scattered drums that gently click away behind a medley of meandering synths. What we’re left with is a track that gently sneaks up on its listeners, elevates them into a swarm of empowering tones, and smoothly brings them back to square one.

All in all, this is a pretty solid offering from both artists. Although I was expecting a little bit more from these two heavy-hitting producers, I’m still content with what they’ve left us with. Understandably, these DJ tools won’t really get to shine much when played at home, but hearing them blasting away at your favorite venue will definitely leave a lasting impression on you.

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