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Alberto Jossue

October 30th, 2013



RELEASE DATE: 2013-10-18
TRACKLIST: 1. The Mirror ( Original Mix ) – Pan-Pot
2. Rosinenbomber (Original Mix) – Pan-Pot

Ten Years is a lifetime in an industry that demands you to be on top of your game consistently to stay relevant, and this Berlin based duo is way ahead of the curve. Celebrating a decade of being together Pan-Pot gives us an EP from their new Berlin based studio to kick start the X Tour, a 10 show tour around Europe and abroad.

The Mirror (Original Mix) is a dark, chuggy ride with a steady injection of energy throughout the track. The revolving yet subtle bass and steady groove give the track magnetic pull that keeps you locked in as they slowly build into this beauty.
Known for usually staying away from vocals in the studio Pan-Pot gives us a minimal yet very effective use of vocals from their friend Kathy giving the track a little extra personality and the right amount of suspense before introducing a dark, beautiful yet simple synth that gives the track is dark twisted soul.
The marriage of the elements continues through the track as they mix just the right amount of effects with a funky steady percussion riding low in the mix using the space given to the fullest. It truly transports you musically into what Pan-Pot is when seen live. A dark rollercoaster ride that you never want to end.

The second track on the EP is Rosinenbomber. Build with a long yet very interesting intro, the use of a sample from the last ever conversation between a pilot and the control tower at Berlin Templehof gives it an immediate mystery and mystique that captivates your curiosity. As they start to slowly introduce the rhythmic elements of the track what really drew me in was the marriage of a fat beautiful low end with the use of a percussion instrument that one can describe as a muffled cowbell of some sort which replaces what would traditionally be a hi hat bouncing of a mid bass synth that echoes through the track giving it it’s playful bounce. As the tracks progresses the introductions of elements is truly a flawless work of art. As the snare and the claps come together there’s a miniscule peak of the main synth on the first snare that you almost immediately after get lost in as the melody behind this track takes over. A dark yet uplifting almost marching band feel melody is what really gives this track a soul of it’s own, their tuning and use of synths of both of these tracks really show that these guys are keeping things fresh and interesting.
The playful back and forth play of the elements of this track glue you in not only keeping you wondering what’s next in the song but also inspiring exciting ways to use this track in mixes in the case that you are a performer.

A lot of people in the music industry say that when it comes to music less is more, and this release really demonstrates that without fault. Two solid dance floor weapons to refresh a formula saturated genre that shows why Pan-Pot is at the very top of the food chain bringing that dark groovy Berlin techno sound to masses all over the world.

Alberto Jossue

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