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Last weekend at Stereo

Last weekend at Stereo

kristie holden

November 15th, 2013


By Graeme Quinn (used with permission)

Well, now that the dust has settled, a few words about last weekend at Stereo:

I am not a fan of progressive music. Also, I have seen Digweed play at least 10 times, and although he’s played some good sets, again it just hasn’t really been my thing. With that in mind, I have to say that Digweed @ Stereo on Saturday is in the top 3 parties in a night club that I’ve been to in the past 5 years. In fact, it was one of the best parties I’ve ever attended, and one of the best sets as well. The fact that Digweed can make someone like me who doesn’t even like progressive say that is a testimony to how magical Saturday night was.

He played a relentless 8.5 hour set that was diverse, filled with surprises, and executed with a marksman’s precision. Some of the mixes and layering he was pulling off cannot be put into words, and I could scarcely comprehend what he was even doing in certain moments when the crescendo of several layers of sounds were going off at the same time, giving the impression that the nightclub was about to be under an air raid. In 8.5 hours, there were very few moments where I was bored. These rare moments were expertly fabricated moments of tension that Digweed had built up in order to completely annihilate the crowd with his arsenal of layering crescendos that he had up his sleeve.

The crowd on Saturday was perfect. Everyone was dancing (which you rarely see in Toronto clubs), very few people were rudely pushing through the crowd, and a significant portion of the crowd stayed until his set was over. After about 8am or so, very few people left until his set was done.

Saturday night was one of those nights we all chase. We spend so much money and time going out time and time again with the hope that our night will be like this one. I am very glad I decided to make the trip for this.

Friday night on the other hand…

I had never seen Jamie Jones before, and was quite excited to see this DJ who has amassed huge popularity over the past few years. The first 2 hours of his set were stunning. Deep, dark and low slung beats that were perfect for the occasion and for Stereo’s sound system. It was on track to be a monster of a set. However, after 2 hours, his music started getting bland and uninspired, and quickly degenerated into one of the worst performances I’ve ever seen by a DJ. I can’t believe that a world-class DJ who has fans who paid to see him would get so intoxicated that for a full 90 minutes, he trainwrecked every mix, or just simply let the track play out and the music would stop. What’s more, he would keep turning the music down randomly, and would do Tiesto poses on almost every track. Again, he did this for a full 90 minutes which is not an exaggeration.

After a while, it seemed that people behind the DJ booth were trying to convince him to get off, which he finally did, but only after 20-30 minutes of people trying to convince him. Greg Pidock and Robert James took over, and Jamie would throw in the occasional track, but after that terrible 90 minutes, I was actually pissed and just decided to leave. How pathetic. Jamie Jones is blacklisted after that.

Also, what is with the Friday crowd at Stereo? I don’t think I want to go to Stereo on Fridays anymore because the crowd is pretty trashy and rude. It was a night and day difference with Saturday night.

Overall, Digweed saved the weekend and showed the massive difference between a professional and an amateur like Jamie Jones.

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