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kristie holden

December 10th, 2013



RELEASE DATE: 11/18/2013



For well over two decades, Soma Records has provided a global base of electronic music enthusiasts with cutting edge dance-floor cuts. There’s no denying that ever since the label’s inception, the electronic music landscape has shifted drastically.. especially with the genre’s ironic collision with technological progress. Still, label heads Orde Meikle and Stuart MacMillan (aka Slam) have managed to keep their imprint at the forefront of forward thinking club-music by adhering to their longstanding methodology; carefully selecting artists to add to their gradually evolving and dedicated roster. This harmonious kinship has allowed the label and its respective roster to grow and flourish together. More importantly, it has allowed them to maintain their relevance in face of our ever-so-rapidly changing world. It’s this type of approach that allows such musical entities to look forward while they’re firmly pushed onwards by the successes of their influential past.

It comes as no surprise that their most recent release from Deepchord also stays true to their tried and tested rule of thumb. With several noteworthy releases on the Scottish imprint, the celebrated sound designer continues to push the envelope within the confines of dub techno. His latest contribution comes in the form of a two track EP exemplary of his intricate soundscaping capabilities. Revolving around the theme of ancient Hindu traditions, both pieces offer us a contemplative journey into a sea of tranquility.

The A side, Prana, takes its name from the Sanskrit term for the manifestation of the sun and universe’s entwined energy. The name seems quite fitting for a song that explicably mirrors the cosmic interchange of light and life. The piece advances subtly as interplay between spiraling chimes and organic grooves gyres, leaving us primed for the flipside. Tantra takes things a step further with its more upbeat nature, reflective of the purification rituals it conveys. Birds chirp and rippling rhythms dance as the smooth bass line engulfs the listener into a hypnotic groove.

Over the span of 20 minutes, both songs tastefully compliment one another with their transcendental qualities. Such refined work is a projection of an artist with a stable level of creative balance that has been present throughout the majority of his wide-spanning career. This is the type of balance that rightfully suggests an esteemed discography and well-grounded stance for future endeavors.

Once again, Soma has continued to prove itself as one of the most consistent outlets for contemporary techno. Surely, we’ll be presented with many more key releases as time goes on.


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