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Alberto Jossue

December 10th, 2013



RELEASE DATE: 10/28/2013


After a year spent in self-imposed solitude in Berlin, Thomas Feriero, aka Avatism, released his first LP entitled “Adamant” on Berlin label, Vakant. With the official release party held at the legendary Watergate in Berlin, this album was made available to the public on Oct. 28th, 2013. The overall vibe of this album, similar to the city it was birthed in, is melancholy, dark, and intricate, with its depth becoming more and more apparent with every listen. This well-versed producer has pushed the limits of comfort for both the listener and on himself as an artist in an effort to create something new and interesting.

The album resolves itself in the realm of Techno, but with subtleties and nuances that create an almost downtempo, dubstep environment with hints of minimal and house throughout. The opener, self-titled “Adamant”, does a fantastic job of kicking off the album with a bass infused, electronic track that is enveloped trippy techno “pops” more akin to a Trentemøller than anything previously heard from Avatism. The album delves into more of an eclectic sound with tracks like Bitter Reminiscence (feat. Clockwork), Ghost Coil, and Curtains (feat. Mountain).

Almost every track has its charm, where the amount of detail, care and inspiration is evident…with one exception.The last song, titled I Never Though I’d Find Myself Here, is quite unspectacular in comparison to the rest, with a drowning guitar that is not complimentary to the bassline. Plain and simple, this track is boring, and a disappointing way to end an otherwise engaging collection of songs.

The release includes collaborations with other up-and-comers including Forrest, Clockwork, Mind Against, Frederico Rizzo, and Mountain Club.

Overall, while not mind blowing, this album is definitely an interesting one worth listening to. As an artist, Avatism is someone to keep an eye and ear out for.

Sarah Hanna

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