“With the success of the White Label Podcast, it was only a matter of time before the marriage of the talent being showcased and the events themselves became one. Enter September 2012, WLP owner Brent Hayward teams up with partner and friend Oswald “OJ” Jackson. The two have been involved in the nightclub industry since the late 90’s, OJ as a promoter, Brent as a DJ. With experience from all sides, and the help of some of Toronto’s INDUSTRY elite, White Label Promo was born.

White Label Promo is an event brand that is geared towards 3 components, Vibe, Talent, and most importantly, the Music itself. Deeply rooted in all things Techno, Tech and Deep House, WLP strives to deliver top notch talent that is both established and cutting edge. Our event brand “PROPER”, is a series that was created embodying all of the above.

What’s next for White Label…we just so happen to be working on a whole new phase to the company that will be launching later this year! WLP is not only podcasts and events…its the DJ’s themselves!!! Stay tuned 😉


Never before has our fine city of Toronto had an outlet for EDM DJs, Producers and Creative Industry Scenesters alike to put their talents on display. THE WHITE LABEL PODCAST is a public forum where like-minded individuals can connect and share their ideas, past stories and upcoming projects, and promote their brand in a format that offers a fresh behind the scenes perspective into the DJ booth. Most importantly, their individual PERSONALITIES come through along with their own VOICE! The White Label Podcast is just that outlet.

We hope to use The White Label Podcast to further the positive vibe of our club scene that continues to flourish, to promote House music with the city’s elite talent both behind the decks and in the studios, and most importantly, to give said talent an outlet to finally put a voice/face to the music they perform with!