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Jeff Button

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Casualties of Sound

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Rou Jiva

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Aquatic Mind Live @ Sunday Social XI

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Hyland & Kavai

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Nature of Music

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Casualties of Sound

White Label Podcast Ep001

This is the first episode of our new bi weekly audio podcast in which we will be showcasing both Canadian and International talent in a guest mix ranging on everything from deep house and electronica to house and techno.

Our first guest for this Episode is none other than our resident dj and host Alberto Jossue Aka. Off.

This is an exquisite blend of the deeper darker grooves of tech , minimal and techno. A mix of old and new tracks that Off is currently playing out in electronic music venues all over toronto.

We hope you enjoy it and feel free to contact us for set lists and any other requests or even if you’d like to participate! We always encourage new artists to share their music with us. You could be the next special guest at White Label Podcast!

Anniversary Compilations

White Label Promo 2 Year Anniversary Mix
Alberto Jossue

It’s been 2 years and a hell of a ride, having the pleasure of mixing one of the 2 parts of the White Label Promo Anniversary Compilation for a group of friends who have helped me so much in my career brings extra joy to putting a new musical journey together for you guys. Thinking back on all the great events and gigs these past 2 years I decided to not focus on old or new but on a feeling throughout the mix that lets us feel the energy and communicate the overall sound of what White Label represents. I hope you enjoy it and hit me up for any track listings you are interested in. I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I did